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The craggy coastal landscape in the surrounding area of Baška is captivating and attracts many visitors.


In order for lovers of mountain heights to be able to enjoy walking and hiking in the countryside, the tourist trails of Baška have been tidied up and signposted. There are a total of 19, which have a total length of over 90 km.


At the end of the trail to Vela Luka you can treat yourself to lunch in the diner Vela Airport, which is located on the beautiful beach of the most beautiful bays in the surrounding area. Have a nice trip by walking Baska and do not forget your camera. Keep the environment too and others who will come after you to enjoy the natural beauty.



Dear guests, As early as some fifteen years ago, Baška Municipal Tourism Office marked the promenades of Baška assisted by the Czech guide Vaclav Tupy and the Czech Mountaineering Society, to offer the guests and visitors of Baška a more eventful and active summer vacation.


Today, we have nineteen promenade total length of over 90 km, available to tourists in all seasons.


Apart from the map of the promenades, this year also saw the printing of the GUIDE TO PROMENADES, conceived to guide the visitor to certain control points, with the guide itself serving as a diary.


Visit to individual control points is proved by placement of a seal on the designated place in the diary.


Anyone who presents a diary containing the seals from all control points to the Baška Municipal Tourism Office (kralja Zvonimira 114) will receive a symbolic prize for his/her efforts and get to keep the diary as keepsake.


When visiting the control points, visitors need to bring along an ink cushion available for rent (40,00 kn deposit) at the Baška Municipal Tourism Office.


The guide is published in Croatian, English, Italian, German and Czech, and query distributed free of charge at the Tourist Board



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